Weed Spraying

With over 10 years experience Chestnut Contracting prides itself on getting the job done right.  Operating off a 4×4 ute, we can get almost anywhere.  We have the right qualifications, and the assistance of GPS and a calculation device  so we can deliver an accurate job every time.  Chestnut Contracting offers  a wealth of experience in boom spraying, such as; selective pastural spraying, spray outs for maize or re-grassing, pre-emergent spraying, or facial eczema control in the summer.  We also do a large range of handgun work such as spraying gorse, woolly knightshade, and blackberry, or spot spraying thistles and kikuyu.  If a job is unsafe to spray due to the size of the weed, or proximity to desirable plants, we look at alternative options such as cutting and pasting the stump.  We service all sectors of landowners, from large farms, small lifestyle blocks, section owners, and commercial or industrial sites.  No job  is too big or too small.  Chestnut Contracting also provides other services to keep your property looking great and reaching its pastural potential.  Some of these services include:

  • Soil Testing
  • Granular Fertilising
  • Liquid Fertilising
  • Chainharrowing
  • Cambridge Roller Work
  • Property Maintenance Programmes
  • Pastural Advisory Service

Wetland Development

Chestnut Contracting provides a full wetland management service.  We can take a low use, or unused wet gully, and turn it into an asthetically  pleasing, and functional natural wetland.   We can spray out any unwanted weeds, reshape the contours where necessary, and then replant your wetland with a good selection of native plants.  We also offer an ongoing maintenance programme  to ensure the desired plants are thriving, and any returning weeds are controlled.   A wetland will enhance the look and value of your property, while creating a natural habitat for native fish, and bird life.


Chestnut Contracting has a wealth of experience in hard landscaping, such as earthmoving, roading, retaining systems, kerbing, paving, stairway construction, and concrete  work.  Chestnut Contracting also has a vast amount of experience in soft landscaping, such as planting, tree prunning, lawn care, and lawn development.   Contact us for an obligation free quote, or to discuss ideas about your property.

Animal Control

Chestnut Contracting has the knowledge, experience, and qualifications to eradicate any animal/ pest, that’s making itself unwelcome.  Previously Chestnut Contracting has eradicated a wild cow, wild goats, deer, and possums, all from native bush, or wetlands.  Give us a call, and we can look at your problem.